Joe. (notaninja) wrote in awful_fanfics,

PLANET OF THE APES -- a very special episode

Taylor had had enough! "GET YOUR STEENKIN PAWS OFF ME, YOU FILTHY APE!!!," he shouted to his simian captors. Ever since he'd been captured, they'd had him locked up in a cage -- not unlike an ape on his home planet, in fact, exactly like an ape on his home planet! -- and he was a man and not an ape!!! (One time he looked into a reflection in a pool of water just to check and make sure that he was a man and that the apes didn't keep other lesser apes inside the cages.) He vowed to himself if he ever returned to Earth that he would campaign for stronger gun rights so that he could carry a gun onto a spaceship and something like this would never happen again! Things only got worse for him once they knew he could talk, they were going to cut him up, but then the two friendly scientist apes tried to help him escape. "Maybe you apes aren't all bad, maybe I was wrong to judge based solely on appearances," he told them as they led him into a wagon --OHNO! They had really lied, and he realized too late he had been betrayed by consumerist apes. He hadn't thought of that! They sold him in shackles to a band of Romanian chimps who owned a sideshow. This was the beginning of his unhappy touring career, traveling from one ape-municipality to another, drawing large crowds as the ever-popular Cho-Cho the Dirty Ape-Hating Racist.

But then later on his children grew up not racist and the cycle of hate was broken.
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