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Night Of the living Dead The Zombie's perspective

I saw her standing there. The rays of the beaming sun glistening through luxurious her blonde hair. She arched over the head stone so sad so solemn yet radiating with a beauty unlike my eyes had witnessed in ages. If in that moment my heart could beat it would palpitate a thousand measures. From the moment I laid eyes on her I knew I would do anything to make her mine. As I approached her, my once dull senses came alive with the most fascinating smell. It reminded me of times long ago in the halcyon days of my youth.

I longed to speak to her to let her know just how I felt. The longing I felt for her. The need I felt for her to be apart of me. Alas in my current state of woe I was unable to produce the words I longed to say. I turned to the ravishing young blonde and said the only word I could produce.

“ Ergggg Brains”

She screamed.

I tried to touch her to reach out to her to let her feel the longing I felt for her again I repeated my urgent cry for her love. I shouted more emphatically.

“ Errhhhhhhhgggg Brains”

Suddenly I felt a blunt object come crashing down into my back. I turned to find a rather bookish looking chap wielding a pruned tree limb in a rather menacing fashion.

“Stay away from my sister”

Now this was a bit of a sticky wicket. Apparently this was the attractive blondes brother and he didn’t appreciate the fancy I had taken to his sister. I tried to reason with the gentlemen, as I wanted no quarrel with the man I hoped some day would be my brother in-law. Unfortunately my limited vocabulary failed me further.

“ Rrrrrraaaerrhhhhhhhgggg Brains”

Much to my surprise the fellow struck me again. I wish my temper had not gotten the better of me though for when he struck me I attempted to dislodge the weapon from his hands. I wish I had known this then but I know suspect the man was a leaper for when I acted his arm somehow became disengaged from his body. I yelled out again for the blonde.


Unfortunately it was to late the altercation I had engaged in had turned her off. True love thwarted, happiness averted.
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