twerpalicious (twerpalicious) wrote in awful_fanfics,

Terminus Victor Fan Fiction—CD RELEASE PARTY

At long last, it was time for Terminus Victor to release their second album, "Under Surveillance." Don got dressed up in his suit, and Scotty got dressed down in his duds. There were paparazzi on mopeds taking pictures left and right. It was totally the talk of the town.

At the stroke of midnight, Don and Scotty were ready! First they played "Artic Living." Then they played "Chemical Relief." Everybody clapped their hands and danced to the music. Then Dinah the drum machine got surly! Before Don and Scotty knew what was up, she took out the entire front row. Cecelia screamed. Then Dinah took out the entire second row. There were bodies everywhere and a riot broke out. But then Dinah did this beatbox thing the survivors all agreed was pretty cool.
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