twerpalicious (twerpalicious) wrote in awful_fanfics,

the smurfiest smurf of all

it was a smurfy day in smurf village. the sun was shining, and all the little birdies were singing. "doesn't it just make you want to smurf your smurf?" asked hefty smurf. lazy smurf nodded and rolled over.

hefty smurf finished his smurfberry protein milkshake and smurfed off to the great oak. mother nature and father time stopped smurfing long enough to wave at him, and he waved back. soon he arrived at the great oak, where he was supposed to meet the smurfiest smurf of all!

but hefty smurf smurfed a smurf he'd never smurfed before. "who the sm-sm-smurf are you?" he stammered.

the strange smurf hid his hands behind his back. "i'm cutting smurf. i smurf to myself most of the time," he said. cutting smurf didn't make eye contact.

"aw, you need a friend," hazarded hefty smurf. he grabbed cutting smurf's hand to shake but smurfed out at all the scars.

"what's going on?" wondered smurfette, and cutting smurf used the distraction to smurf off into smurf forest.

"oh, nothing," smurfed hefty smurf. "but now i know who keeps stealing my needles."
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