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A love supreme

There was a sexy knock at the door.

"Come on in" said supreme court justice Samuel Alito. It was white house counsel Harriet Miers.

"Is the coast clear?" asked Harriet on her way in, and Samuel winked at her like this: ;-)

"I know you've been sworn, I've read your complaint" said Samuel.

"Now wait a minute" countered Harriet, "this better not be small claims court." They laughed lustily, then Harriet continued. "You are the best supreme court justice ever, deserving of great respect!"

Samuel poured two glasses of wine red as the righteous 3/5 of America. "Oh Harriet, you make it extremely hard to exercise judicial restraint."

Harriet giggled, "I love me some Jersey boy! But I never thought power could corrupt you and turn you into an adulterer."

Samuel burst into singsong:

That was never part of the plan / I never said that's all that I am

Harriet giggled some more, "Prove it."

"Alright" agreed Samuel, "but be forewarned the fine for solicitation is $50 and time served."

"And what about contempt of court?" asked Harriet with a fake frown.

"Oh Harriet, I'll get you on this court one way or another!" They hooted and hugged and hugged some more, and Samuel stripped down to his legal briefs. Harriet waved his big black robe like a cape, and Samuel charged:

I'm too sexy for my robe / Too sexy for my bench / Too sexy for my gavel

The gavel banged one, two, three times, and the lights went out for the night.
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