Tom (banjouke) wrote in awful_fanfics,

The Tao of Presley

Elvis sat under the shade of the cherry tree, the very picture of serenity. Occasional blossoms spiralled from the branches, caught in the spring breeze. All was at peace in the monastery.

Two disciples came and sat near to Elvis in complete silence. Almost an hour passed, not a thought crossing his mind. Then he spoke thusly:

"Y'know Heaven and Earth last for ever, baby.
Y'ask why do Heaven and Earth last for ever?
They ain't born, so they don't stop living.
The King? The King stays behind, thus he is real far ahead.
He is lonesome, thus at one with all.
Through selfless action, he attains real fulfillment."

He paused for a minute, the disciples meditating on the words of the King.

"That's the way, baby. Now where's my burger?"
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